COVID-19 from Food Safety and Biosecurity Perspective

Samara Bin Salem1, Premanandh Jagadeesan1, *
1 Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Most recently emerged pneumonia of unknown cause named COVID-19 has a devastating impact on public health and economy surpassing its counterparts in morbidity and mortality. Asymptomatic spread appears to be prevalent in China from where it is originated, lacking a clear and precise understanding of the transmission dynamics. Precautionary approach on certain ethnic food from mammalian sources like bats and its possible transmission source has been presented. Biosecurity measures should also be considered. The application of accurate predictive modeling in the alleviation of infectious diseases has also been discussed. The COVID-19 outbreak seems to be an alarming lesson to the global community to start preparing for an open, transparent, and coordinated action by all relevant stakeholders.

Keywords: COVID-19, Biosecurity, Asymptomatic, Virus, RT-PCR, Epidemiology.